Infrared Scanning Services

Infrared Scanning Services

Why use infrared scanning? Digital cameras use light to create an image. Infrared cameras use heat, and see what the human eye cannot see. We use a high-end, highly sensitive camera that gives us images so precise we can see even the slightest temperature difference. Most infrared cameras used for energy auditing do not have this level of sensitivity.

People call us because they are frustrated by leaky windows. They’re all set to pay thousands of dollars to remedy the problem. Often, the windows are not the problemthe air movement around the windows is the problem. If you are even “just a little bit” handy, repairing the air leaks is a good DIY project, and will save you thousands of dollars that would be better spent on other ares of your home.

Infrared Scanning is Popular With:

  • Home and business owners who are unable to solve hot and cold areas in their building,
  • Electrical contractors looking to trace a problem,
  • Heating contractors whose customers are still having air flow problems, even after installing a new heating or cooling system,
  • Insulation contractors who are finding building ares that stay hot and cold no matter how much insulation they add,
  • Hydronic heating contractors who need to trace leaks in the floor, or air locks in the tubing,
  • Multi-housing properties trying to resolve ice dam and energy loss issue,
  • Any contractors requiring a third-party verification of work performed.
Carl came back to do our Audit Test Out. This is a service he provides at no additional cost. He came back to my home after we had work completed and retested with his blower door and thermal camera. We could see where the insulation work we had done was effective. We also used the retest results to get another rebate from our gas company.- Christopher Smith, Lake Orion, MI

See For Yourself:

In the images below, the brighter the color, the warmer the air, and the darker the color, the cooler the air.

Infrared Image of door leaking air


This is an infrared image of air leaking past the molding of a door leading to a garage on a 55° day – a 10° difference.



ifrared image of a 19.1 degree difference



This shows an attic access hatch, with a 16.9° difference in temperature from the molding to the hatch itself.


Infrared image of an attic hatch leaking air


Here we see a 19.1° difference!





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