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Carl D. Clark

My name is Carl Clark, owner of CDC Energy Consultants. You’ll find a list of my the CDC Credentials at the bottom of the page – and are welcome to measure them against those of our competitors.

We have been helping people increase the comfort level of their homes, reduce their energy usage, and save money on utility bills for over 12 years.

It all started when I joined an engineering company in 2001 as a salesman for boiler systems, hydronic radiant floor heating systems, and hydronic radiant snow melting systems. I learned that up-front work such as air sealing and insulation can have a dramatic effect on comfort and savings.

This awareness was reinforced when I became certified as a Radiant Designer, and during my four years as board member of the Eastern Michigan Radiant Panel Association. I also served one year as the organization’s president.

While still employed with the engineering company, I invested three+ years as a part-time energy auditor, learning the craft, and using those three years to assess what approaches best served homeowners just like you.

Since that time, CDC Energy Consultants has audited hundreds of homes ranging from 800 to 9,000 square feet, and small commercial and industrial buildings. The oldest building we’ve audited was an elegant beauty built in 1911, the newest, a modern design built in 2013.  Each building has a unique energy footprint, and there are no one-size-fits-all answers to energy usage issues.

That’s why a 3rd-party energy audit company should be important to you – we’re not here to sell you anything. We have no connection or affiliation with contractors or other companies offering home repair/improvement. We’re here only to help you see where your building is leaking energy, and give you information on the most appropriate way to stop the leaks and save money.


  • BPI® Building Analyst Professional
  • BPI® Building Envelope & Shell Professional
  • Certified Level II Thermography Professional
  • U.S. Green Builders Council – National Member


  • U.S. Green Builders Council – National Member
  • Consumers Energy Trade Ally
  • DTE Trade Ally
  • Better Business Bureau Accredited Business
  • EnergyStar® Trade Ally
  • Friends of the Rouge Team Leader
  • Greater Farmington/Farmington Hills Chamber of Commerce
  • Canton Chamber of Commerce

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