The CDC Difference

The CDC Difference

What sets CDC Energy Consultants apart from other energy auditors?

When you boil it all down, it comes to a single word with huge relevance: Trust.

Why you can trust CDC Energy Consultants

You see, the other companies offering energy auditors are contractors — heating contractors, insulation contractors, window contractors, or general contractors who sub-contract the work to other contractors. Their focus is selling whatever they sell, and they use energy audits to get in your door in order to sell you their

Their equipment is generally low end because audits are only a side line, and they will often offer an audit for a low cost, knowing they will make up for it at the other end, because they’ll say you need whatever they sell, and you’ll most likely do what they say.

I believe that business model is a conflict of interest, and one in which you — the home owner — always loses. Heating, window, and insulation contractors will always present their products as the best solution to your problem, whether that is true or not, and the general contractor is adding 10% to 25% to the sub-contractors rate. That is how they make money.

Now think about that — you are paying that 10% to 25% extra, for services or products that may not resolve your problem at all.

This is the CDC Difference: I have always been and will always be a Third Party Independent energy auditor, and a staunch consumer advocate!

I’ll analyze your home using only the best equipment, equipment I have invested in to assure it is the latest technology. The data I gather is presented to you with an extensive report based on the best bang for your buck. Basically I tell you, “If this were my home, I’d start at the top and work my way down this list.”

What is most important for you to understand is that we do not do any of the work, we do not work for any contractor, we don’t accept kick-backs from any contractors, and we don’t pay any kick-backs — and all of that is in writing. If you are handy, we can show you how to do some of the work. If you have your own contractors – great. If you don’t know any qualified contractors, we can recommend one to you, but we’re not connected to them in any legal or financial way.

It all comes down to Trust, and that is the CDC Difference.

Other contractors will send a salesperson to your house to make a pitch.

We have nothing to sell you.